When at FOH, I carry my own playback / VOG recording system & media library.

  • For playback, I currently use Figure53’s Qlab 3.2.4 to allow for maximum flexibility while maintaining robustness.  With Qlab I am able to make edits, stack, and play back pre-recorded media with ease and confidence.
  • Triggering playback cues & quick navigation is easy with my Xkeys controller. No matter which page my machine is currently on, I can launch Qlab cues, or snap to Smaart, Wireless Workbench, or Meyer Compass with the push of a button.
  • Client recorded & Live VOG’s sound great on my Sennheiser e865s.   This is a rugged Super Cardioid switch-mic for live performance that produces natural, detailed sound for the user.
  • My media library is about 10 years in the making. Including, but not limited to corporate friendly playlists of Electronic, Alternative, Classic Rock, & Royalty Free to name a few.  I also have a fairly deep library of Sound Effects, Theme Songs & Game Shows jingles.  All music is owned outright and on my local drive


In addition, my workbox follows me everywhere I go.  It includes some of the following noteworthy pieces.

  • Apple iPad & wireless router for cable free console operation
  • Earplug2 (Qbox on steroids!)
  • Whirlwind Cab Driver
  • Whirlwind MCT-7 cable tester
  • Audioman Isoblox transformers
  • Motorola m350R two-way radios w/ hand mics
  • Shure Axient T4 Y connectors for double-mic scenarios
  • Shure Bodypack kit & a2 supplies.
  • Tomoca 1×3 xlr splits, in-line iso transformers
  • Ptouch label maker
  • Baking tins for wireless mics
  • And of course, various cable adapters

If there is a compact specialty item that is needed for a particular event, I also have a great relationship with local vendors and am more than happy to facilitate sub rentals.