purchase of DPA 6066 microphones

I am proud to announce the addition of 12x of DPAs new 6066 headset microphones

2023 Wrap up!

That's a wrap 2023! 33,448 miles traveled, 29 Flights completed & 30+ cities made for an exciting, albeit busy year. I continue to be be eternally grateful for all the brilliant colleagues and great friends ( both old & new ) I got to work with this last year. It's a huge comfort traveling so far from home to new places to feel right at home as soon as I see my peeps on show site!

Speaker Management on your iPad

Put speaker management control software on your iPad w/ Apple Sidecar & Apple Pencil.

DVS latency issues with Mac? Check your USB adapter

Have you been experiencing latency issues with Dante Virtual Soundcard on your Mac?  Well...you're not alone!

What’s in the box?

There seemed to be some interest as to what’s in the ‘ol tech kit(s) from a previous Facebook photo I shared a while back. So I figured id give it a go at making a blog post about it

Site Launch

I'm proud to announce the re-launch of Fsound.net. It’s been 10 years since the site was last updated… and a lot has changed since the last iteration from 2013!