Fsound offers an array of professional audio sound services:

  • A1 Audio Engineering
  • FOH, Broadcast, Monitors Sound Mixing
  • Riedel & Clearcom intercom design & operation
  • RF coordination
  • Audio Systems

For a wide range of applications:

  • Product launches
  • Press events
  • Corporate events
  • Conferences
  • Virtual & hybrid events
  • Trade Shows
  • Live Events
A Great Attitude infused with Math, Science and a whole lot of Creativity.... The Real Deal! Jeff Jones
A1/Sound Designer
Working with Brian Frost is always a smooth process. He brings a level of professionalism, dedication, and attention to detail that ensures projects are a success. Neil Rosenbaum
Executive Producer
I love working with Brian. He’s smart, he’s thorough and he gives a damn. Yeah. I’ll take him on my show. Michael Jackson
A1/Sound Designer
BPI Audio
I have had the tremendous opportunity to work with Brian Frost on several large scale corporate events over the last year. He has honed the craft of communications to the next level. James Stoffo
Chief Technology Officer
Radio Active Designs
Brian is easy to work with, open to suggestions, and has insightful ideas he is able to share with others. He is able to keep clients at ease with his professional manner. Lisa Woodward
Head of Sound
San Francisco Ballet
To say Brian is a good audio engineer wouldn’t do him justice. A great engineer doesn’t just know the gear and have a good ear. To be truly great, an audio engineer also has self awareness, the abilities to professionally advocate for the needs of the event, and solution-oriented team skills. This is what makes him a great engineer. Nick Malgieri
Advanced Systems Specialist
d&b audiotechnik Corporation
Mr. Frost has become extremely educated as an audio professional in the live events industry and I have had the pleasure of experiencing his expertise in many different facets of production, including his situational awareness and communication skills. Peter Wiejaczka
A1 / Sound Designer
Argyle Dynamic, LLC
Brian has a quality not found in everyone that does his job, He’s personable. He listens and always comes back with a quality answer. Darryn A. Cray
Senior Executive Producer
Encore Group, LLC
Brians extensive knowledge and experience in professional audio, combined with his pleasant demeanor, make him an invaluable asset to any production! Jeff Watson
RF Coordinator
Watson Audio Corporation
It is always reassuring when Brian is a part of the event audio team in any capacity. Brian brings real world audio experience and Knowledge to the team with his abilities, Communications skills and all of the newest computer audio tools to the project. I rest easy when Brian is on any of my projects Chris Folck
Executive Producer
Chris Folck & Associates Inc.
Brian Frost has always been at the top of my list when putting together a solid crew of audio engineers. His work ethic and skills are amongst the best. Most importantly, he is very easy to work with. Art Janota
A1 / Sound Designer
FOH Andrea Bocelli
I have had the pleasure of working with Brian on many, many occasions. I find that he is competent, knowledgeable, talented, creative and just simply enjoyable to work with. I would highly recommend him to anybody looking for an audio engineer. All that, plus he has better than average hygiene for a technician. Rich Halvorson
A1/Sound Designer
Presentation Audio, LLC
Producing and designing technically successful conferences is continually more complex. Audio Engineers are deploying systems that push the limits further each time. Brian’s flexible and solution oriented workflow along with his deep industry experience is a very effective combination and is why he has quickly become one of our favorite FOH Engineers to work with. Ben Kristy
VP Production
Mountain View Staging
It’s always a pleasure to work with Brian. He is dependable, always takes initiative, and is great at working autonomously. Brian is a talented Mixer and I can count on his steady, even-tempered a personality to get the job done. Mark Dittmar
Vice President
Firehouse Productions

A1 / Live Sound Mixing

A sound mixer should deliver impactful, well-balanced audio to ensure your message & media are clearly received and felt by those attending your event both in person and on air. Fundamentals like gain structure are key! A desk should be ran warm and layered with busses to net the lowest possible noise floor and maintain maximum control and routing flexibility. Recording voice overs on-site and redundant playback of audio program are standard practice. In addition, a combination of testing and meausrement hardware and software are deployed on every job to maintain professional broadcast standards.

RF Coordination

As the FCC continues to sell off coveted bandwidth, it’s becoming more and more difficult to squeeze the number of microphones and in-ear-monitors needed for a large scale production. Planning begins long before the event. Including researching tv channels broadcasted in your event location, # of devices needed, site surveying with professional scanning equipment to collect data, and inventory recommendations to accommodate counts needed. While studious preparation is key, an RF coordinator belongs on show site to stamp out interference with best practices and backup frequencies.

Matrix Intercom / PL

There is arguably nothing more important than the ability of the crew to communicate effectively and efficiently in a live production. An experienced intercom technician can program channels, groups, and point to points to limit chatter on common channels. Correctly merging different systems is crucial to tie in your broadcast truck and those working from home or the office. With large wireless deployments becoming more common, the demand to stay current on rapidly advancing technology is more important than ever.

Audio Systems

It’s not just racks and stacks anymore. Todays audio systems are state of the art, with price tags to match. Deploying these rigs takes careful preparation. Coverage, Power draw, weight loads, and signal distribution are calculated in pre production long before load in. Once on-site, arrays need to be safely built & flown to the correct design specifications. Though these rigs have powerful prediction software, it still takes an engineer with knowledge of phase alignment, coherence & magnitude to bring all the elements together, resulting in an impactful, yet intelligible experience.


Going with whomever you can find locally is not always the smartest choice. As they always say, the best A2’s are A1’s. They know how crucial mic placement is - it’s the difference between being heard, and the A1 struggling for an entire segment. If there’s a panel, they know where to best place mics where panelists may favor speaking towards a moderator. Or if wearing headsets, what side to place them on for best camera blocking. But being an a2 is much more than technical know how. The A2 has more interaction with the end client than anyone on else on the crew! At the end of the day you want a professional who not only works well with the stage manager but is calming, quick, presentable, not socially awkward, and ALWAYS gives last looks at talent just before talent enters the stage.